Organic Coconut Sugar/Caramel

Organic Coconut Sugar/Caramel is a traditional Asian sweetener. This creates sugar crystals that are very similar to brown sugar, with a very sweet taste and subtle caramel content is FDA certified and 100% organic, Vegan friendly and it is a gluten-free product best to use as your daily beverage, for your topping on cupcakes or cereals, and best if you try with your favorite coffee or tea or milk. FUNCTIONAL BENEFITS Low glycemic index Contains trace minerals necessary for metabolism A great substitute for brown sugar Can be used for coffee, strong teas, chocolate, and caramel recipes Gives a darker finished product More aroma, more bulking, not as sweet Can also be used in vanilla custards, ice cream, and yogurts

RM 39.90 for 250 grams (Whatsapp or Call 0126560069)

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Our Caremal Fountain Booth at Amerinmall Malaysia On 15 September 2022

We used Philippines coconut sugar to produce our Caramel Fountain


Our Adhirasam Workshop On 16 October 2021


Our Adhirasam Workshop On 16 October 2021 Brochure